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Are you up to date!

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places a "duty of care" on employers and landlords to maintain electrical systems to prevent danger where otherwise it may exist. The only way of ensuring your duties are performed and adequate records are kept is by carrying out  a Periodic Electrical Test and Inspection in accordance with BS 7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations).

By following this code of  practice, you can assure that your obligations have been met under the Health and Safety at Work Act so far as electrical safety is concerned and more importantly that your staff, visitors buildings and assets are safe and confirming your insurance company will pay out in the event of a claim arising from an electrical fault or fire.

It is worth checking the small print on all your documents!.

How is an EICR Inspection carried out!

EICR Test and Inspection requires a series of visual inspections and electronic tests to be carried out to establish the safety, suitability and compliance of your electrical system. If performed correctly, you can expect that each electrical power circuit throughout your workplace to be de-energised for a short period of time whilst our Engineer applies a series of electrical tests  onto the cables accessories and protective devices to ensure they are safe and fit for there purpose. Secondly our Engineer will carry out a thorough visual inspection of the Installation. This type of work will require the electrical supply to be safely isolated and with careful planning can be done with minimal disruption to your business. Alternatively, this work can be carried out to your workplace at nights or weekends if more convenient you.

Who should carry out the work!

It is vital that this type of work is carried out by qualified and experienced NAPIT Approved Test Engineers. Our Engineers are fully qualified Technicians/Electricians who have been trained and qualified to City & Guilds 2330,2382 & 2391 in Electrical Inspection work specifically. All our engineers meet all these requirements and more.

What documentation will I receive!

Upon completion of the EICR Test and Inspection you will receive a full BS7671 EICR report including a schedule of test results in document form and or Digital format including pictures that covers the following criteria:

  • Installation details and supply characteristics
  • Circuit information and test results
  • Schedule of items tested and inspected
  • Details of defects or deviations from BS 7671 which require attention
  • Digital images of all issues
  • We will be pleased to talk you through your reports and advise you of any further action which needs to be taken.

Any necessary remedial works can then be carried out by ourselves or a suitably qualified third party and upon completion a ‘satisfactory' assessment can be issued.


There are many factors that can affect the cost of the Electrical Inspection work such as location, building type and extent of the installation, height access and building availability times for testing. Obtaining any previous records, plans etc is also important . As a rule we recommend carrying out a site survey to the building(s) in order to establish all of the necessary details prior to carrying out the inspection, any visual observations and recommendations can be made upon surveying which can then be discussed and addressed.

What if I don't carry the work out!

Cost, inconvenience and lack of knowledge will not be accepted in defence if an accident or electrical fire occurs. Appart from the threat of prosecution in the event of injury or death, most insurance companies will not pay out unless documented evidence of regular maintenance and inspections are available and up to date. A huge loss!

How frequently should this be done!


Type of installation

Maximum period between inspections

Domestic premises

10 years or change of occupier

Commercial premises

5 years or change of occupier

Educational establishments

5 years


5 years

Industrial premises

3 years


1 year


5 years

Leisure complexes

1 year

Places of public entertainment

1 year

Theatres, etc.

1 year

Agricultural and horticultural

3 years


3 years

Caravan sites

1 year

Emergency lighting

3 years

Fire alarm systems

1 year


1 year

Petrol filling stations

1 year

Public Houses

5 years


1 Year

Highway power supplies

6 years


We would be glad to assist with any of your requirements.

We would also recommend a portable appliance testing schedule (PAT) with this package which would aid your compliance with any health and safety policies/statements. This should reduce insurance premiums in some cases we have found.

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